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Unplugged: GOP Reaction and Political Fights

Republican Strategist Alex Conant said on "Washington Unplugged" Thursday that conservatives have been shut out of the health care debate despite the bipartisan push in the president's speech last night.

"Unfortunately Republicans are pretty much sidelined in this process…really this is a debate within the Democratic Party," he said.

"It was a lot of what we have heard before," Conant said. "I did not hear anything different last night that will turn the tide on health care."

"He says he wants to work with Republicans but he hasn't invited the Republican leadership to the White House for months," Conant pointed out.

The Republican strategist said that the more the American public hears about the plan "the less they like it."

However, the White House has a different view of the speech, reports CBS News chief White House correspondent Chip Reid.

"They are telling us they think it was just a bang up job," Reid said on the show.

"In fact, during the speech last night they added something to the schedule today and that was a speech on health care reform right here at the White House," Reid said. "We thought 'how is he going to put something together that quickly.' Well they called in the nurses…so they had a room full of nurses cheering for him."

The White House he said understands that one speech will not turn around health care.

Watch the interviews above as well as a collection of the best political throw downs – Rep. Joe Wilson's "You Lie" outbreak pales in comparison.

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