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Unplugged: Health Care Public Opinion "Sticky"

CBS News' Chief Political Consultant Mark Ambinder was the first to report that the Obama administration planned to shift gears next week and attempt to take control of the health care debate. "Essentially this amounts to another attempt at clearing the decks. Although the president has cleared the deck so many times at this point, the wood is beginning to chip," he said on "Washington Unplugged" on Thursday.

He noted that a slipping approval rating was the impetus for the move.

"The president has to do what the president can do and that is to use the bully pulpit to bully Congress" he said of the prime time speech President Obama will give Wednesday.

"Public opinion on this has been very sticky," Ambinder said, "because quite frankly, at this point, not enough Americans trust the president's" handling of the health care.

He argued that the "pre-decisional" period is actually the most important is swaying public opinion of policy. By the time health care was debated in Congress the American public was already "so polarized."

Watch this discussion as well as an interview with documentary producer Joe Berlinger of "Crude" and a review of restaurant week with CBS News' Bill Plante. "Washington Unplugged" appears live on each weekday at 12:30 p.m. ET. Click here to check out previous episodes. Special Report: Health Care

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