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Upgrade Or Die

Take a look at the applications on your computer. How long have you had them? On my PC, I've had several programs serve me well for years before I decided on my own to upgrade.

But for owners of Quicken 2004, you have a more pressing decision: upgrade, or die.

OK, that's a little extreme, but it's not far from reality. As of April 30th, Quicken will no longer provide live support or services for Quicken 2004 for Windows and for Macs. That means, not only won't you be able to get live technical support, but you won't be able to use Quicken to download your banking information from your bank.

Quicken says this is part of its normal discontinuation process. The company would say this is to focus support on the latest versions of the software. Users may say that it's to get them to cough up the money for a the latest Quicken. Whatever your view, if you use Quicken 2004, you have just a few days left to upgrade… or not.

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