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U.S. Engages in Russian Roulette

By Harry Smith

Russian Roulette...the start treaty needs to be ratified. To lollygag or try to kick it down the road to the next Congress is needlessly dangerous. The most important thing the treaty does is put U.S. nuclear inspectors on Russian soil. We haven't had any since the first start treaty lapsed. What did Ronald Reagan say? Trust but, verify. A little hard to verify if you're not on the ground...and verify we must. The Russian bear has come out of hibernation. And any pretense of democracy since Putin took power is merely pretense. Free speech and a free press can get you killed in Russia. They act primarily with ruthless self-interest. So we get along with them because we have to. A couple thousand years ago Chinese Gen. Sun Tzu who likely wrote the art of war famously said, "Keep your friends close and you're enemies even closer."

Just a Minute...I'm Harry Smith, CBS News.

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