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Use Yapta to Find Available Frequent-Flier Seats

yapta.gifWe've sung Yapta's praises a few times here on Business Hacks, both for its ability to notify you of savings after you buy your plane ticket and the easy way it lets you track said flights. Now, Yapta's done it again. Starting Tuesday, you'll be able to sign up for alerts that will tell you when a frequent-flier seat opens up on a flight you want. Simply click "include award tickets" to begin tracking flights and you'll automatically be sent an email when an award seat opens up.

As the New York Times' Michelle Higgins points out, the frequent-flier seat notification system has already been tried out before on the subscription service, with great results. It seems that as demand for flights starts to peter out with the credit crunch, airlines are trying to cover their bases by getting as many butts (paid or reward) in the seats as possible.

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