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Vaughn Wants a 5-Year Deal

Slugger Mo Vaughn said he would stay with the Red Sox for less money than other teams offer if he gets a 5-year contract from Boston.

Vaughn is a free agent and can begin talking with other teams after midnight tonight.

"I'll take less money, but they have to give me my years," he told the Boston Herald.

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  • "I'm 30 years old and want a 5-year deal. No four years and an option. A solid, five-year, guaranteed deal. A base deal, and maybe they can throw some options after that."

    He would not say how much money it would take to keep him in Boston, but said the Red Sox would have to "get in the ballpark" with an offer.

    "I'm not looking to set the market or break the bank," he said. "Of course money has something to do with it; that's the way the negotiation process goes. Say what you want; it's a business."

    The first baseman said he does not need to get $91 million over seven years, as the New York Mets agreed to pay Mike Piazza.

    Before the Mets-Piazza deal, the Red Sox were paying the highest salary in baseball -- $75 million over six years to pitcher Pedro Martinez.

    Vaughn has hit at least 35 home runs in each of the last four seasons, and was the American League's MVP in 1995.

    He batted .337, hit 40 home runs and batted in 115 runs last season.

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