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Video: 10 Tech Tools for Business Owners

Discussing tech tools for business owners is usually my BNET colleague Rick Broida's department, but I get a chance to test drive tech myself, too. In fact, I end up depending on tech to run my author tours, whether it is point-of-sale purchases or document management on the road.

I recently appeared on BNET's The Live One with BNET Owners Only Editor Lindsay Blakely to discuss ten tech tools business owners should have in their arsenal. Standbys like the cloud backup Dropbox and the Apple (APPL) iPad are mentioned, but we also talk about lesser-known gems like the instant-messenger organizer IMO and the universal package app Delivery Status.


Hosted by Priya David Clemens, The Live One is every business day at 1 pm EST/10 pm PST. Tune in live and you can chat with featured guests like myself.

Photo courtesy of watchwithkristin // CC 2.0

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