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Videos: World's 5 Funniest Sales Pitches

Here's the "Friday Funnies" video post you've been waiting for. I've combed the web to find the five funniest sales pitches of all time. They're all completely different in form and format, and funny in completely different ways. I've included polls so you can vote for your favorites. Enjoy!

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Ali-G Pitches "The Ice Cream Glove"
This clip shows faux talk show host Ali-G (the same guy who played Borat in the movie of the same name) trying to convince various businesspeople that he's serious about a ridiculous product. Worth it just to see Donald Trump squirm.

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The Actual Sales Pitch for "The Muppet Show"
This was the video sales pitch that actually got "The Muppet Show" on the air. It starts fairly vanilla, considering that the pitchman is a puppet, but gradually goes further and further over the top. Great stuff that led to a great show.

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Infomercial Pitch for British Toothpaste
This is a short one. Anyone who's spent time marveling at the average state of dental work in the U.K. will think this is even funnier...

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The Ultimate Technical Sales Pitch
This one is a bit subtle. What's funny isn't so much watching it yourself, but showing it to somebody else and pretending that it's serious. Of course, I HAVE heard some high tech sales pitches that are pretty much the same as this...

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Pitching a New Business Concept
The two great lights of contemporary British comedy show how to pitch a money-making idea to an investment banker.

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