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Viewer Thoughts On Columbia

Here are some thoughts shared by viewers about the Columbia disaster on the message board.

Jediwill20: Exploration is that human drive that says through all these problems ... I'm going to keep going no matter what I come up against.To deny our explorers*Not just American explorers but those all over the world* the chance to pursue that drive is to deny them their destiny to discover.

ladytiger22: It would be so easy for us to use NASA as a scapegoat, especially when a tragedy like this occurs. We forget that space exploration is dangerous; and because we are so quick to forget that it even exists ... But look at how amazing it is that we have suffered very few tragedies, as the doors to space exploration have only been open in the past 50 years.

termite46: I am also saddened that we continue to pursue this mission in space when there are so many problems right here on earth. Illness, homeless, crime. Why don't we solve those problems first before sending people into space to risk another tragedy.

H.Parkinson: We must learn what we can from this loss, and move forward. We can not let all the people who have given their lives be lost in vain. We lost people in challenger, and the space program moved forward. Now we have lost Columbia, and we must contuine to strive for the stars.

Joe Russo: I have always been an enthusiastic supporter of NASA. I have the honor of teaching a high school class on the history of the space program. I find it ironic how the media ignored the fine work of this crew for 2 weeks and now are only interested because there has been a tragedy.

RBWilson: The differences that I see were in my kids. They think presidential scandal is commonplace, Regan, Bush, Clinton, Bush. That is all they have known. They have seen the world go through famine, worldwide spread of disease, and especially the forgone conclusion that the US does not care. Why is it that the only thing that will bring this country together is a greater tragedy?

holdfast: I am upset that NASA is resigned to say there was nothing that could be done. We are a country that usually won't take No for an answer. Why now?

mendoza: There are some that will question the reasons why we send our brave astronauts into the great unkown, it's that reason we do so that we can learn more about it and how it began. Planet should push for more joint missions, so that we all can enjoy what our creator has put up there for us.

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