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Want an Oscars red carpet glow? Get it for less at home!

This Sunday, the red carpet will sizzle as glamour-clad celebrities arrive at the Oscars decked out in designer gowns, fabulous jewels and perfect glowing skin.

And while we, mere mortals, may not be able to be able to sport the gowns or afford the dazzling diamonds, we can get the same flawless complexion.

Cosmetic Dermatological Surgeon, Dr. Pat Wexler reveals the skin secrets of the stars and at-home budget versions to make your skin glow, with "Early Show" co-anchor Erica Hill.

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According to Wexler, there are three main things we need to do to get that glowing complexion. There are also three different price points as well.

What are the areas to target? Perfecting texture, eliminating wrinkles and lifting sagging skin, and lastly, creating contours.

"You want to get a textural change," she explains. "You want a radiance to your skin. You want to get the wrinkles diminished and a good lift to your skin. And you want to get contouring."

Perfecting Texture:

Star Treatment: Fraxel Laser $1,500

A before and after pictures shows the positive results. "You're looking at the top of the line treatment. We're talking about resurfacing with something like the Fraxel laser," Wexler says. "It is no longer the Chernobyl of peels where you're burning off skin. There's no down time. The Fraxel makes microscopic little tunnels in the skin and you're growing new collagen. After four or five treatments you've got a whole new surface of the skin, no pigmentation irregularities. The skin has a radiance. It's got a glow to it. It feels like baby skin."

So how can you get a version of this treatment at home? You can actually do a peel now in your home with a towelette basically, Wexler adds.

At Home Treatment: Skin Splurge: Glyderm Glycolic Acid Peel $150 (middle price point, some in-office and some skinceutical products that offer temporary results, best for younger to middle-age skin)

Wexler points out that there is a difference - at home you get a 10 percent peel and in the office you get about a 70 percent peel. "But if you do a peel every day, or once a week, eventually you're going to get the evening of the pigmentation. The radiance, the glow of your skin, and you're going to get a beautiful textural change," she adds.

An even cheaper, faster fix is going to be shimmery makeup that has light-reflecting brands.

At Home Treatment: Budget Beauty: Luminescent Makeup $10 & up (the least expensive, quickest option that offers temporary results or allows you to fake the look for a couple hours.)

"The make jumps now have luminous particles in them that reflect the light. So if you have brown spots or irregularities or even scars the makeups have particles that will reflect the light and you're going to look like you don't have those irregularities," Wexler explains. "And then you have something called Perfect which is sold, which isn't a self-tanner. It's a makeup that has these particles in them.

It evens it out for you and it doesn't come off without putting soap and water. So you can use it face and body and look like you have a tan, but not use self-tanner," she adds.

Eliminating Wrinkles & Lifting Sagging Skin

Star Treatment: Ulthera Procedure $4,500

It's like a face-lift without going under the knife. But $4,500 is probably out of most of our budgets. A before and after image shows a woman with a double chin and dull skin and after her cheek is lifted and you can see the results in her jawline where the little pooch under the chin is lifted.

"You can see that frequently as soon as you are getting off the table. You can see improvements. With this technology, and it proves for three months afterwards. It's ultrasound. That's why it's therapy. And it delivers the energy to the level of the muscle where the face-lift would normally be done," Wexler says. "And you feel some heat when it's being done. It's a one-time treatment. And afterwards, you can see the tightening of the connective tissue. It's also causing collagen to be formed. So you're getting the radiance of the skin and tightening."

At Home Treatment:Skin Splurge: Budget Beauty: Freeze 24/7 $65

"Makeup artists tell me Freeze 24/7 under your makeup like a primer it's got the same type of chemicals as a botox so it freezes your face for the day and makes you look like you don't have wrinkles and it tightens your skin.

At Home Treatment: Budget Beauty: KeSARI Firming Serum $44

According to Wexler, you can also try night firming lotion, such as KeSARI, it's got time released retinol. Or the Patricia Wexler MD Line has a retinol preparation in a nonirritating formulation. Over time you're going to get rid of wrinkles.

Creating Contours

There's a celebrity trick-of-the-trade if you want to pay up. How do you sculpt the faces of star clients without ever using a scalpel?

Star Treatment: Exilis Laser $1,500 & up

If a laser treatment isn't in your future and you need a faster fix, what can you find over-the-counter?

At Home Treatment:Skin Splurge: Bliss Fat Girl Slim $29

At Home Treatment: Budget Beauty: Chilled Tea Bags

Wexler recommends tea bags for deflating tired, puffy eyes.

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