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Watch this soldier on leave from Afghanistan surprise his six children one-by-one

(CBS News) Whenever I need something uplifting and inspiring, I can always count on the Welcome Home Blog to provide some touching reunions of soldiers with family and friends. In this latest, watch a soldier on leave surprise his six children one-by-one. And maybe get some tissues ready.

I swear, I get a little something in my eye each and every single time I come across one of these amazing military reunion videos. And, of course, I've got something in my eye right now, so give me a moment. Just one more second. Okay, I'm all good now. Thanks for your patience.

The poster of the video writes about the beautiful caught-on-tape moments:

"My husband, SFC Dustin Freitas, a soldier in the U.S. Army, was deployed to Afghanistan and came home for R&R to surprise each of our 6 children. He had not seen the children in over six months. He was deployed when our youngest Ella was only 2 weeks old. Our oldest is Megan, 15; then Jonathan, 11; Alexia, 7; Elizabeth, 5; and our little man Christian, 2."

Seriously, after watching that I'm feeling my faith in humanity restored. And to check out more amazing military reunion videos like this, you can go to the Welcome Home Blog by clicking here.
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