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'Waterboy' Gets An IQ Test

Something funny is going on in Hollywood: Money is pouring in for Adam Sandler's lowbrow comedy The Waterboy, and CBS News Correspondent Steve Hartman tried to find out why.

The Waterboy is outgrossing every other movie, and in more ways than one. Thanks to 6th-grade jokes and toilet humor, The Waterboy has taken in $80 million at the box office.

Samuel Moses (CBS)
Hartman invited Samuel Moses, chairman of the Los Angeles chapter of MENSA, to see The Water Boy. (MENSA is an organization whose members must be in the top 2 percent among national IQs.)

But, when he went to see a matinee screening of The Waterboy, Moses checked his 140 IQ at the door.

Goofy movies certainly aren't anything new. Hollywood has a long and proud tradition of stupidity.

"People like to see people fall down. It's time tested," says Andrew Hindes, a senior writer at Daily Variety. "It's very democratic, in a way. It doesn't matter, your class or language... It's something that everybody can understand."

A young man who had just seen the movie told Hartman, "It's that immature stupid humor that guys like."

As for MENSA's Moses, here is his verdict on The Waterboy: "It was amusing - Tennessee Williams gone bad. Sort of a comedic tale of a dysfunctional Southern family."

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