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Watermelon Moses

On today's edition of "Irregularly Scheduled Programming": Moses appears on a watermelon, Tay Zonday is back and all badass, and we examine the great YouTube "High School Musical" fake out.

First, it's the latest sighting of a Biblical hero on an edible object. Only this isn't your everyday Jesus in a water stain or Mary on a bagel. In North Carolina, a woman believes that Moses appeared on her watermelon.

She says she is willing to raffle it off, which I'm sure is code for selling it to for big bucks. That online casino bought "Virgin Mary on a grilled cheese sandwich" for a reported $28,000. WWJD?

Meantime, I had no idea that "Chocolate Rain" man Tay Zonday's real name is Adam Bahner. The more I learn about this overnight YouTube star, the more I see there may be a method to the madness. Check out today's episode for a preview of his newest video.

Also, I just recently learned a YouTube trick. It seems, and correct me if I am wrong, that YouTube grabs the exact middle point of your video to create a screen grab. Now it all seems so clear! People intentionally put smutty and provocative images at that midpoint to drive up hits. I'll see what I can do for ISP.

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