Web's Mental Illness Resources

Finding Help For Postpartum Depression

The Web is an excellent place to learn more about postpartum depression as well as the intersection of mental illness, violence and the law. Below are a few sites worth checking out.

Postpartum Depression: A Social Support Network, Information Center and Research Guide: This site, sponsored by Postpartum Support International, is an excellent place to begin learning about this condition.

(To reach Postpartum Support International directly, write Jane Honikman, 927 N. Kellogg Ave., Santa Barbara, Calif. 93111. Or phone 805-967-7636 or fax 805-967-0608.)

Postpartum Depression: This site links to many sources of information about postpartum depression.

An Introduction To the Insanity Defense: The American Psychiatric Association explains the insanity defense in the context of the U.S. legal system.

The 'Insanity Defense' And Diminished Capacity: Cornell University Law School explored how the so-called insanity defense, and its variants, have been used, particularly in the cases of the Unabomber, John Hinckley and Colin Ferguson.

written by David Kohn;