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What Americans Really Want from Election Day

By Harry Smith

Election Day tomorrow and everyone is predicting, expecting a big day for the GOP. The House for sure...maybe the Senate. An interesting piece in today's Wall Street Journal argues that voters don't like who is in power, hence the big change. The same piece says this is exactly what voters did two years ago. Is the electorate fickle? Or has the party with power done a lousy job of it? Some would argue there really isn't all that much difference between Republicans and Democrats -- what with both parties being tied to so many different special interests. Money gets access...And access often gets action. Deep down inside, many of us could care less which party claims to have the answers. What we want is better jobs, housing prices to go up, less bureaucracy, a little more truth -- and a lot more transparency. If the economy remains locked in the doldrums you can bet two years from now voters will reach for the clicker again.

Just a Minute...I'm Harry Smith, CBS News.

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