What Will Egyptian Military Do?

NEW YORK -CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric spoke with National Security correspondent David Martin about the role of the Egyptian military in the uprising.

Couric: David, earlier today it looked as if Egypt's military might take over, that there might be some kind coup. What happened? Do you have any idea?

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Martin: Well, essentially, they decided to stick with Mubarak, which is what they've done since the beginning of this crisis. They have remained loyal to a regime which treated them very well for 30 years.

The Egyptian military is not interested in democratic reform. It's interested in stability. It just doesn't want to pay too high a price for that stability. So it doesn't want to ruin its reputation by using violence against the protesters, and it doesn't want to tear its relationship with the U.S. military, which would cost it about a third of its defense budget.

So if the protesters remain out in the streets, the Egyptian military has some very tough choices to make.