Where They Stand

To help you make an informed decision in the presidential election, The CBS Evening News with Katie Couric will be focusing a lot of energy until Election Day to explaining exactly where the candidates stand on major issues - from energy to the economy, from health care to homeland security. Each piece will be an in-depth look at the issues facing the 44th president. A new installment in the series is scheduled to premiere on the CBS Evening News each Tuesday and Thursday, so bookmark this page to keep learning "Where They Stand."

Income Tax

How three different families would fare under McCain and Obama's tax plans.

Housing Costs

Breaking down what the candidates would do about the mortgage crisis.

Small Business

From loans to healthcare to taxes, the candidates' plans affect small business.


How the candidates would deal with HIV/AIDS, at home and abroad.

Job Creation

Breaking down how Obama and McCain want to create jobs and help workers.


How do the candidates plan to heal the ailing Medicare program?

Ending The War

The candidates' plans to withdraw troops and end the war in Iraq.


Taking a closer look at the candidates and climate change.

Health Care

How the candidates would handle skyrocketing health insurance costs.

Public Education

What the candidates propose to ensure students get a good education.


How Obama and McCain propose to combat Islamic extremism.