4-year-old cancer survivor surprised with "Bumblebees" for his birthday

4-year-old cancer survivor gets birthday surprise
4-year-old cancer survivor gets birthday surp... 01:58

Alexandria, Virginia — Whitaker Weinburger didn't know it, but on Wednesday, he was about to get the best fourth birthday a kid could ask for. That's how it should be, since Whitaker has been sick on his other birthdays, battling stage 4 neuroblastoma. 

He's stable now, so his parents Seth and Erin wanted to make this birthday special.

"He had been telling us, I just want 100 Bumblebees for my birthday," Seth Weinburger said.

Bumblebees, as in Bumblebee the Transformer from the movies. Every time he sees a yellow car, he thinks it's the character.

So, Erin put out the word on social media and hundreds of yellow cars flooded their Alexandria, Virginia, neighborhood before dawn. It seemed like the whole neighborhood walked with Whitaker alongside those yellow cars more than a mile to his school.

His long-term prognosis is uncertain. But what is certain, it was a day for a superhero.

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