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White House Responds To Madoff Case

By CBS News White House correspondent Peter Maer:

The White House is speaking out on the way the Securities and Exchange Commission dealt with the case of money manager Bernard Madoff. In a written response to a question from CBS News, Press Secretary Dana Perino says, "It's troubling and disappointing that the SEC didn't fully examine allegations regarding wrongdoing as far back as nine years ago."

Perino notes that because of the SEC's internal investigation and litigation involving Madoff, she's unable to offer a more specific response. But she adds, "We want all the facts to come to light and prevent this from happening again."

Update 9:38 a.m. ET: Over the years, Bernard Madoff traveled in some high-power circles but in response to a CBS News inquiry, Perino says there's no record of the president having met Madoff or of Madoff attending any Bush presidential event, including fundraisers.

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