Why is Netanyahu such a polarizing figure? 60 Minutes viewers weigh in

An interview with Israel’s prime minister prompts range of reactions

Sunday’s interview with Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu prompted some polarized reactions on social media.  

Several social media users had clashing comments on Lesley Stahl’s questioning. 

A senior columnist of Haaretz, Israel’s oldest daily newspaper, called out the prime minister for seemingly backtracking on his assertion at the U.N. in 2012 that the Iranians were racing to producing a nuclear bomb in an attempt to lobby the U.S. to draw a red line on Iran.    

Viewers did not shy away from producing the photographic evidence. 

Other people posted in the pursuit of balance. One tweeter wanted to hear more about the movement on American campuses to boycott, divest and place sanctions on Israel. 

One viewer suggested that the Israeli prime minister could learn from another of Sunday’s stories, on how an ad campaign helped end Colombia’s 52-year civil war

One thing is inarguable: Lesley Stahl’s fierce sense of style.