"Will and Grace" co-creator calls WH same-sex marriage strategy "Very choreographed"

Max Mutchnick, Emmy winning co-creator of "Will and Grace" in the "CBS This Morning" studio
CBS News

(CBS News) Max Mutchnick, co-creater of "Will and Grace" said the White House should not have been surprised by Vice President Biden's same-sex marriage comments on "Meet the Press" because Biden had already "tested the material."

"My husband and I were at a private function two weeks prior to the "Meet the Press" airing," Mutchnick said. "And Vice President Biden was talking to a small group and he made the reference to "Will and Grace" in that room and called me out at that moment."

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He also claims that the event was being recorded by the White House.

"It says to me that this was all very choreographed," Mutchnick said. "He was testing the material out of town and then he took it to a larger house, "Meet the Press."

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Biden said in a pre-recorded interview on the news program that "Will and Grace" "did more to educate the American public more than anybody's ever done so far."

A senior White House official told CBS News' Bill Plante," I promise you that (Biden on MTP) was not an intentional trial balloon. "