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Will Facebook add a "tip jar" to its "like" options?

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In the not-too distant future, users of Facebook (FB) may be looking for more than a simple "like" on their posts, with the social-media platform poised to become the first to let users make money off their online offerings.

"It's still very early, but we're committed to creating sustainable, long-term monetization models for our partners and we're listening to feedback," a spokesman for Facebook told CBS MoneyWatch in an email. He declined to elaborate further.

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Facebook is looking at various means for individuals to earn cash from their posts, with a survey sent out this week offering a glimpse of how users could earn cash or tout a cause, the website The Verge reported on Tuesday. "Tip jars," branded content and getting a piece of the ad revenue that Facebook earns from posts were among the ideas offered, according to the website.

As things stand, Facebook does not let individuals earn money through their posts, but it does let publishers sell ads in its Instant Articles format, and recently updated rules letting brand-sponsored posts be shared by verified pages.

Earlier this month, Facebook opened the door to the posting of branded content on its network, something long prohibited unless part of a paid advertising campaign. The updated policy, which could reflect acceptance on the company's part that some people were already breaking the rules, had Facebook offering "a new tool ... making it easy for publishers and influencers to tag a marketer when they publish branded content."

The tag must be used for all branded content shared on Facebook, the company said.

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