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Will it Rain, Shine or Pour for Democrats Today?

Politico's Mike Allen today brought Playbook 24/7 to "Washington Unplugged" to dish about all the hype surrounding Election Day. From predicted category-four hurricanes to tsunami-like losses -- will defeat rain on Democrats?

Allen told CBS News political consultant John Dickerson that Republican strategists suggest that if the GOP gains 60 or more House seats, the Senate will come with it.

"It means that there is such a big wave that any turn out efforts or normal models do not apply," he said.

Allen looked back at history, saying it could be worse for Democrats. In the 1932 "FDR landslide," for example, there were 100 Republican seats lost.

Watch Tuesday's Washington Unplugged above, also featuring a behind-the-scenes look at CBS News' Election Night Coverage.

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