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Will "keep your plan" will be a 2014 election issue?

Will "keep your plan" will be a 2014 election issue? Democratic House members who just voted "yes" on the Republicans' "keep your plan" bill probably think so. Thirty-one of 39 are in our competitive/potentially competitive districts list.

The average CBS partisan index of their districts is a slender +3 points, meaning most fall within a range of "swing" that could go either way next year. In fact half of them are in districts with even closer partisan balances, many dead-even.

These are Democrats likely to be targeted by Republican efforts to oust them, and they're a critical group because if the Democrats are to have any chance of re-taking the House (which is not likely, in any event) they will surely need to hold on to almost all of these seats, at a minimum. These House Democrats will of course need to hang on to moderates and even some conservative independents next year.

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