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Windows Live for Windows Mobile Puts Live Services in Your Pocket

For users of Windows Mobile phones, there's much to be said for tapping Microsoft's varied and useful Windows Live services. Thanks to the new Windows Live for Windows Mobile app, you can do exactly that.

The free app provides access to Windows Live Messenger so you can IM on the go. It syncs your Windows Live Contacts and Windows Live Hotmail accounts; you can even configure the latter for push synchronization. And it connects you to Windows Live Spaces and Live Search (though there was already a separate app for search).

Windows Live for Windows Mobile is compatible with both touchscreen and non-touchscreen WinMo handsets. You can get the app on your device just by entering your mobile number on Microsoft's app site (top right corner); you'll get a text message with a link for downloading it directly.

Not to poop on Windows Mobile or anything, but even with an app like this (which, let's face it, is long overdue), the OS is way behind the times. Android, the iPhone, and undoubtedly the imminent Palm Pre offer a lot more in the way of Web integration. I couldn't (and wouldn't) go back to a WinMo device if you paid me.

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