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Woman "Wins" $42M; Casino Won't Pay

Louise Chavez was playing a slot machine at the Fortune Valley Casino in Central City, Colo. Friday when the machine announced she's won
$42 million.

But her dream-come-true turned to a nightmare five hours later when casino workers told Chavez the machine had malfunctioned and she wouldn't get any of the jackpot she thought she'd won.

The Colorado Division of Gaming is currently investigating. The machine has been sent for forensic testing to determine what award, if any, Chavez is entitled to.

On "The Early Show" Wednesday, Chavez told CBS News correspondent and substitute co-anchor Jeff Glor the casino representatives explained to her that the maximum jackpot the machine is supposed to be able to award is $250,000. They said they'd "have to turn over the key" to the casino if it paid out the $42 million.

She added that, while she was offered some small freebies - the only one she accepted was a breakfast on the house - she's waiting to hear whether the casino offers her a settlement:

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