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Your Thursday Caroline Roundup

Ben reports from Harlem where Kennedy just held her first media avail and meet with Al Sharpton. Turns out she's a "mother," a "lawyer," and a "Clinton Democrat" -- who can't get Hillary to return her calls.

Join the club, Caroline.

We're leery of one-word answers to shouted queries, but the Rochester Dem and Chronicle has CK replying "absolutely" to the question: Will you still run in 2010 if Gov. David Paterson doesn't  appoint you?

The Times follows Maggie Haberman and Politico on the Sheekey-as-Rasputin story with a nifty class-rage angle focusing on the alliance of two powerful political Houses -- the Kennedys and the Bloombergs.

Hernandez and Barbaro score this "you-think-your-better-than-me?" gem: "Rory I. Lancman, a state assemblyman, said that there was “a growing concern that high public office is being reserved for a better class of people — people who can buy into it like Michael Bloomberg or people who can come into it through their celebrity like Caroline Kennedy.”

Charlie Rangel tells New York City's PBS affiliate he knows who Paterson will pick -- but won't divulge who. The Paterson people, by the by, say the governor (a Rangel protege) hasn't made up his mind.

(Of greater interest is Rangel's 45-minute, point-by-point defense of ethics gripes against him. Not much seems to be new but it provides an interesting counterpoint to all the bad press he's been getting.) 

Wayne Barrett reports on a "well-informed rumor" that "Rahm Emanuel has such a need to fill senate seats he's now calling David Paterson instead of Rod Blagojevich" -- presumably on behalf of Caroline.

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