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"Zombies" Invade NYC during Morning Rush

As if the morning commute weren't odd enough, intrepid New Yorkers trying to make their way to work had to battle past hordes of the walking dead.

Two dozen zombies, their clothes spattered with fake blood, were staggering up and down the block Tuesday outside Madison Square Garden.

Some pedestrians looked startled or amused by the ghost-white actors with bruised-looking eyes. Some people ignored them entirely. Others whipped out their cell cameras.

Special Section: Fright Site

One zombie graciously offered a passerby a rose - a dead and wilted one.

The stunt was part of a campaign in 26 cities worldwide promoting the Halloween premiere of the AMC television series "The Walking Dead."

At one point, about 15 zombies crawled on the roof, hood and trunk of a parked, off-duty taxi. There was no sign of the driver.

There were no immediate reports of anyone's brains being eaten.

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